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Root Retouch Got Grey? This is to cover up your sparkle as it starts to grow in.

Glaze Retouch  Feeling dull, brassy, or just a shade or 2 off where you want to be? Book in for a glaze to add some shine, cool down some unwanted warm tones or need to tone down your look just a smidge.

Full Colour  colouring all of your hair anything darker then where it is sitting, whether you want some low lights or a full solid shade not only will it add richness but it will enhance the shine of you gorgeous locks.

Partial Highlights Need a pick me up?  the future is bright my friend. This service focuses on lightening and brightening your look on a partial head typically highlighting the critical parts that colour shows on your head focusing on root regrowth area,  and your hairline this is a great choice if your wanting to introduce lightening to your look or to maintain your lightness in between full sessions.

Full Highlights Hey there Blondie, highlighting the full head can get the best results of achieving a blonde and giving you the best shot at being your brightest and blonde self.

Balayage The Blending of light and dark, This is a hand painting technique used to create dimension in the hair with a beautiful blend. Typically light and dark are used blending a dark shadow from the root smoothing out to a blonder shade on the ends.

Colour Correction Ready to switch it up? Whether you are going from light to dark or dark to light the art of colouring hair can be more tedious and delicate then it seems. Our team is highly trained in colour theory and will be able to help you achieve the hair of your dreams however planing is a huge part of this process as the integrity of your hair is our utmost priority. IF you are looking at drastically changing your hair colour we will need you to book in for a consultation prior to the appointment as we would like to carefully plan this process with you and ensure that the colour is achievable within your lifestyle, budget, and hair quality.

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