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Extension Services

All extensions require a consultation and a non refundable deposit prior to ordering hair. Hair cost is not included in service prices and will differ based on desired look.

Tape In Services

$50-$75/ Bundle

Maintenance: $150+


Service Offered By:
Danielle Buckshaw, Ashley McLean, Quinn Foster, Stef Dagenais, Fadila Mahmutovic

Why Tape Ins?

Tape In Extensions are a great way to achieve Length & Fullness in your hair. This method is very traditional giving you the hair you want in a more affordable and sustainable rate. Once your Tapes are purchased they are reusable giving you the option of changing your look whenever you feel! Whether you are wanting to achiever length, fullness or add a new shade into your colour tape ins can help you achieve those goals.

Keratin Tip Extensions

Great Lengths Cold Fusion

K-Tip Hot Fusion

Offered By Fadila Mahmutovic

Offered By Danielle Buckshaw


Installation : $100/ bundle
removal $100+

Installation : $95-120/ bundle
removal $100+

Why K-Tips?

Before & After Of Keratin Fusion  Extensions


Keratin Fusion Hair extensions are truly the evolution of extensions. A gentle method on your hair with ultimate opportunity for creating seamless blends, dimensional tones and the lowest maintenance of extension available. This method is perfect for anyone looking to add volume to their hair near the hairline. You can truly create a new look every time as the hair for this method is one time use its great for people who like to change up their look. With the lowest maintance schedule available Keratin Fusion Extensions have a lifespan of 4-6 months depending on at home care! We are proud to offer both hot and cold fusion installation at our salon to cater to even the most fragile hair to ensure the safest extension wear possible.

Coming soon...
I-Tip Extensions

Ashley McLean & Danielle Buckshaw are excited to be offering this service starting April 2023, Bringing you the blendibility of K-tip extensions with the reusability of the hair itself. Consultations for this service may be booked starting April 1st 2023.

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