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Add-On Info:

Moisture Treatment, Is the dry Saskatchewan weather sucking the life out of your hair? Add on a hydrating treatment to replenish the moisture in your hair, leaving your locks smooth, shiny and hydrated.

Protein Treatment, Is your hair a little fragile? Too much chemical damage, excess heat use or dealing with breakage? This treatment can help your hair feel back to normal!

Volume Treatment, Feeling like you need some extra umph? Struggling with fine/ heavy hair? This treatment will give you the lift you need by making each strand of hair feel thicker, giving you a pick me up and that extra lift you've been searching for.

Olaplex Treatment, Mixed into your colour formula this treatment has created quite a reputation for itself and is a perfect mix with any blonding service. This bond repairing system will help you hair stay strong, and healthy while working double time to extend the integrity of your hair while working with us to achieve the colour of your dreams.

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